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Mandy Roswell

Mandy Roswell

Mandy was born in Warwickshire and moved to Somerset when she was 15 and fell in love with the county. She moved away to study at The Bath Academy of Art followed by another 4 years at Reading University completing a Fine Art degree.


Mandy returned to Somerset when she started her family of 4 and has lived and painted in Draycott and Cocklake for the last 30 years.


Over the years Mandy has had several solo and group exhibitions in Durham and Somerset. her work is full of Natures influence whether it be in her plein-air sketches, studio oil canvases or ceramic pieces.


Mandy has sold work around Britain and abroad using Instagram and exhibitions as selling platforms.


Her work is colourful, expressionistic and textured sometimes becoming abstracted when the colour and form seem to take over.


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