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Liz Bath

Liz Bath_ InkJam

Liz Bath MA (Multi Disciplinary Printmaking) is a resident artist at The Arts Quarter. She specialises in printmaking, painting and collage. Liz's work celebrates the process of making. She employs etching techniques and materials within her paintings, using copper plates as her canvas, layering rosin, blackening with soot and scratching marks into the paint and surface. She works intuitively and builds up layers, working in multiples with small collections of work being made simultaneously. The making, thinking, experimenting and practicing are all evident. These are integral ways to investigate her interest in rituals, ceremony and ways of connecting to nature.

Liz is also a founder member and partner at InkJam, who specialise in delivering paper and print workshops to rural communities. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and has work in many private collections.


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