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Jackie Savage

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Living at Nyland I find inspiration in the natural world around me. I find joy in the changing seasons and effect of light on the landscape. I paint predominantly in oils, often plein air, attempting to capture the atmosphere of a place. I am an avid photographer using my camera to record often fleeting, light and shadows to guide me back in the studio. Some of these photographs have evolved into etchings under the watchful eye of Jenny Graham at the Dove Studio.


I am also a keen potter, loving the feeling of clay in my hands whether hand building animal sculptures or throwing pots on the wheel. I am always grateful for the knowledge and support of my tutor, Sara Parsons, who has enabled me to be brave and push my limits. At present I am experimenting with slips, wax resist and different glaze combinations. I aim to reproduce the colours of nature.


I feel lucky to live where I do surrounded by wildlife; I also enjoy visiting Suffolk and the Gower Peninsula with my dogs for further inspiration, meeting and sharing ideas with other artists and potters.


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