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About Us

CHAFF - Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival

Our arts trail in Cheddar has been running since 2015 and grows each year, it is known as the Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival. The event allows local artists to showcase and sell their work, whilst allowing visitors to meet the artists and enjoy exploring the beautiful village of Cheddar.

All venues are in Cheddar village, which means that the festival is a walking trail. In 2023 we had 32 artists exhibiting in 11 venues. Some artists also offer workshops, and all are delighted to discuss their artwork with visitors.

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CHAFF gets its name as the Arts Trail always takes place on the first May Bank Holiday. This is when North Somerset have their trail and they are our close neighbours. The founders of CHAFF in 2015 were Katrina Aktinson and Sara Parsons, who still sign up to CHAFF every year and exhibit their work along with all the other artists.

CHAFF is run by a committee, each member taking on a different role in the group. This year
our committee members are:

If you would like to be part of this, please contact us, we are always looking for new members!



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