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Sue Dyson

Sue Dyson

I am a photographer living in Cheddar. The camera I use allows me to control the settings to make creative decisions and develop a more personal style with my photography. As my skills have progressed I learnt to study the environment I was in and to really look and observe the scene in front of me and consider the image that I am wanting to create.


I am interested in achieving the best image in camera at the time of shooting. I then use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to make adjustments as necessary. I shoot using RAW which gives me the ability to fine tune my images in Lightroom and I use Photoshop when I want to work with layers and blend modes for a more creative look.


I take both colour and black & white images and I like to explore the possibilities for both whenever I am out with my camera.


I like to explore the shape, colour, form and texture of the subject and then try to represent this in a series of images. I am keen to develop ‘my eye’ for taking an image that represents at least one of these elements. My images, therefore, range from wide angle landscapes to close up macro work.


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