Become a Member 2023

Becoming a member of Cheddar Artists has many great benefits. You will become part of an amazing community of local artists, some of whom may share your area of expertise and others in new areas you might like to explore. As a community there is a great opportunity to work together, promote your work and meet new people.

The membership includes:

  • a listing in the Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival brochure (CHAFF) if you join before 30 Nov 2022

  • a full page on the Cheddar Artists website, with links to your own social media and website

  • a venue for your exhibition in the Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival

  • social events throughout the year to meet the committee and other Cheddar Artists members

Membership has now closed for 2022-23.

I really enjoyed being a part of this and recognise how much hard work goes into this event. So many people commented on the standard of work this year and said how much they had enjoyed it.

Well done and thanks to all of you.

CHAFF Member 2022