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Bridget Hemmings Ceramics

Bridget Hemmings

Bridget was born and brought up in Oxfordshire and has lived in Somerset for over 30 years. Having lived here for so long, Somerset feels as though it is her home now.


Seven years ago, Bridget gave up her full-time job as a headteacher in Somerset and started potting.  She had her garage converted to a beautiful light and airy ceramics studio, where she now spends a great deal of her time.

She loves being creative and working to craft unique pieces, using porcelain clay. She uses: textured clay, gold lustre, decals, and creates effects with understains on her pieces. Most of her work is slab-work but she also uses the wheel and creates molds to make slip casting pieces.

Bridget has several local outlets as well as selling her work from her studio in Cheddar, she also works in collaboration with other artists locally and in different parts of the country.


She takes commissions and runs ceramics courses in her studio and other venues.


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