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Willows near Winscombe - Lucy James

Cheddar Arts
Fringe Festival

We had a wonderful Festival in 2022 with over 6000 visitors during the 3 day event. Throughout the Festival there was a chance to see and purchase work by our members. There was also the opportunity to take part in a variety of workshops; making felt bracelets and brooches, taking time to be mindful or becoming involved in the community project to create the Queen's ceramic crown.

B Hemmings Platinum Jubilee Crown

The Festival had 13 locations this year for people to explore. The Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival showcases parts of Cheddar people may have never visited whilst also meeting our talented artists.

Lovely afternoon wandering around cheddar, great range of art on display at largely affordable prices

Fantastic atmosphere great selection of artists, accessible, exciting

Better than ever, a happy and welcoming atmosphere

and amazing range of talent.

Inspiring - will try harder at my own art now!

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