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Gemma Trickey

Gemma Trickey

Marks we have left behind, buried treasure, folk songs, items hiding in plain sight, monsters hiding in the dark; I’m intrigued by the stories and history we discover within our surroundings when we look closely. My work looks at the hidden things within our buildings and landscapes, and how they contribute to a sense of place and interconnectedness. I like to incorporate such secret details within my work, a reward for the inquisitive.


I studied Fine Art at London Guildhall but became attracted to print, and in particular working in relief because of the physicality in the use of tools to first carve and then execute a printed piece.


My influence is derived from classical woodcut mark making and decorative styles such as the Arts and Crafts movement, pre-industrial art forms like medieval illuminated manuscripts and letters, folk art of the British Isles and even packaging design, wallpapers and gig poster art.


I can often be found battling neck ache, carving inadvisable levels of detail into a block at my studio in the Mendip Hills.


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