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Gilraine Art

Samantha Gilraine

I create colourful and atmospheric artwork inspired by the natural world. I work instinctively photographing, painting, drawing or creating a piece of photographic art where I combine all these mediums together. Local landscapes and trees are a key inspiration. I keep experimenting until I have recreated what I pictured in my mind or felt in a moment while experiencing a place.


I often like to tell stories and the titles of my work like ‘No place like home’ and ‘Wish that I’d worn wellies’ link back to memories from my childhood living on the Mendips. Today I live very happily in Shipham with my husband and 2 young boys.


Alongside my art I work as a professional documentary photographer as I love capturing moments and telling stories through photography. I sell my work online but you can buy my greeting cards locally in the Arts Quarter and Bristol.


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