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Mel Reid

Mel Reid

I studied Graphic design many moons ago and started painting after my son was born 17 years ago and then it just took off after that. I have painted everything from guinea pigs to buildings. My preferred medium is Acrylic but recently I have delved into the world of inks and spray paint. I got into sewing by accident when I couldn't get my haircut due to the lockdowns and I dusted off my very cheap sewing machine and made some headbands. Friends and family went wild for them and that’s how I developed a bit of an obsession with fabrics especially African fabric and vintage fabrics.

I am self-taught when it comes to art and sewing and what I don't know I will find in books or on the wonderful interweb.

Ambitions is to create my own fabric designs but for now I am happy to paint away in the studio and sew up a storm in the spare room.


I use resources like charity shops, local selling pages, eBay and fabric sellers to source my materials. I am always finding ways to recycle clothes, bedding & curtains in something brand new and bold. We have lived in Somerset for 8 years and we love it.


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